BTH: Accusations of Gender Bias, Charter Schools, and more

This week the panelists discuss the Unified School Board’s rejection of Dr. Willie Herenton’s application to run his own charter schools and Janis Fullilove’s and Wanda Halbert’s complaints of gender bias on the Memphis City Council. Plus, Pinnacle Airlines faces a million dollars in FAA fines while Delta reports a strong quarter, and The Civil Rights Museum unveils plans for a renovation.

BTH: NBA Lawsuit, Haslam Promotes School Vouchers, and more

This week, the panelists discuss the Memphis City Council’s move to explore filing a lawsuit against the NBA. Plus, the New Unified School Board finds itself split over the matter of charter schools and Governor Haslam considers the idea of school vouchers.

BTH: Bike Lanes on Madison, New Plans for Overton Square

This week, the panelists discuss Millington Mayor Richard Hodges’ arrest for two counts of bribery, State Representative Curry Todd’s (Collierville) charges for drunken driving, possession of a handgun while under the influence and refusing to take a breathalyzer test. Plus, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton opens up bike lanes on Madison Ave, and Loeb Properties unveils its new plans for Overton Square.

BTH: Memphis Election Results, Herenton Proposes Charter Schools

This week, producer Pierre Kimsey guest hosts as the panelists discuss the results of the Memphis city elections; former Memphis Mayor Willy Herenton’s applications for charter schools; and the threatened NBA lockout and how it might affect the business of Grizzlies’ basketball. More information online at