BTH: Special Roundtable with County Commissioners

This week, the panel hosts a special roundtable press conference with two Shelby County Commissioners, Democrat Steve Mulroy and Republican Heidi Shafer. They’ll discuss Commission politics and review some of the decisions made in 2011.

BTH: Overton Square, School Achievement Districts, and more

This week the panelists discuss the panelists discuss the Memphis City Council’s reaction to news that the public cost of the Overton Square project has jumped from $6million to $19 million. Plus, school board member David Pickler says that some areas in the county could be turned into smaller school sub-districts. Also, two private operators get an okay from the state to help underachieving Memphis schools.

BTH: Personhood Amendment, Police Audit and more

This week the panelists discuss the defeat of the “personhood” initiative by Mississippi voters and Millington Mayor Richard Hodges’ resignation. Plus, an audit of the Memphis Police Department reveals that 200,000 rounds of ammunition are missing from the Police Training Academy.


BTH: City Pensions, Occupy Nashville, Bed Tax and more

This week the panelists discuss Mayor Wharton’s announcement that Memphis city pensions and benefits, as currently structured, are unsustainable. Plus, opponents of a proposed bed tax say that it could kill convention business in the city of Memphis, and Governor Haslam orders a curfew for Occupy Nashville protesters, but a federal judge says it interferes with their First Amendment rights.