BTH: The Biggest Stories of 2011, plus 2012 Predictions

This week, the Behind the Headlines panel looks at the most important stories of 2011. Topics will include school consolidation and President Obama’s visit to Memphis.

BTH: Special Roundtable with Mayor AC Wharton

This week, a special roundtable press conference with Memphis Mayor
A C Wharton. Wharton discusses his plan for the further economic development of Memphis and the problems associated with getting the city’s fiscal house in order.

BTH: Smith & Nephew Lays Off 80, Allegations of Sexual Assault, and more

This week, allegations of sexual assault against the former head of the Memphis-based Amateur Athletic Association. Smith & Nephew lays off 80 workers and the former chief of a Memphis Fire battalion is charged with forging the will of the late Tennessee representative Ulysees Jones.

Newsmakers: An Interview With State Senator Mark Norris

Memphis Daily News publisher Eric Barnes talks with Senator Mark Norris about his career, the Norris-Todd Bill, and public-school education in Shelby County.

BTH: Bonuses for City and County Employees, Local Economic Numbers and more.

This week the panelists discuss the approval of bonuses for City and County employees, in spite of layoffs, hiring freezes and pay cuts during the past year. Plus, the local economy has produced some encouraging numbers this month but what are those numbers really telling us? And, what to do about school buildings that are no longer needed after the two school systems consolidate; Shelby County Commissioner Heidi Shafer and Senate Majority leader Mark Norris have a few ideas.

BTH: Changes at U of M, City Gets Serious About Parking, and more

This week the panelists discuss major changes at The University of Memphis Athletic Department. Plus, the Grizzlies are back in business with a new NBA agreement and the City of Memphis begins a new program to boot and tow cars for parking violations. Andy Meek of The Daily News fills in for Les Smith.