Roundtable on charter school growth rate and rising real estate prices

This week on Behind the Headlines (Nov. 16), our journalist roundtable discusses the fact that Memphis is ninth in the nation for charter school growth, plus a look at why real estate prices in Memphis/Shelby County are on the rise.

Recap of Memphis and Shelby County elections

This week on Behind the Headlines (Nov. 9), a recap of the election, including the defeat of an increase to the city gas tax. Plus, Memphis City Council member Shea Flinn and sales tax opponent Steve Reid weigh in on what follows the countywide sales tax defeat.

Gas tax, future of consolidated and municipal schools

This week on Behind the Headlines (Nov. 2), a look at the Memphis gas tax and the road ahead for consolidated and municipal schools. Guests include Chris Caldwell, unified school board; Edmund Ford Jr., Memphis City Council; Ken Hoover, Germantown school board; and John Vergos, Memphis Area Transit Authority board.