Reporters roundtable on schools, Delta job cuts, and rape kits

This week on Behind the Headlines (Oct. 25): A roundtable discussion of top news stories, including a proposal to keep Shelby County Schools in the unincorporated part of Shelby County; Delta’s job cuts at Memphis International Airport; and Memphis Mayor A C Wharton’s executive order to test rape kits that have been on the shelf for years.

Panelists include Jackson Baker (The Memphis Flyer), Bill Dries (The Daily News) and Les Smith (WHBQ FOX-13).

Hopson weighs in on suburban school districts

This week on “Behind the Headlines,” Shelby County Schools superintendent Dorsey Hopson offers some clues about what the coming of suburban school districts will mean for his school system.

Memphis health care leaders discuss the Affordable Care Act

This week on Behind the Headlines (Oct. 11), a look at the Affordable Care Act: How will it affect you, and does it go far enough? Guests include Dr. Scott Morris, CEO of the Church Health Center, and Dr. Richard Thomas, health care consultant. [Related article: Local Health Care Changes Limited So Far, Doctors Say]

Memphis sales tax debate

This week on Behind the Headlines, a debate about the city of Memphis sales tax, featuring City Council member Shea Flinn, Hank Herrod of the Urban Child Institute, and Rev. Kenneth Whalum Jr. [Related article: Flinn, Whalum Differ on Sales Tax Hike Ballot Question]