Former US attorney discusses rape kit investigation

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (April 25): Former U.S. Attorney Veronica Coleman Davis, who was appointed by Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr. to investigate the Memphis rape kit backlog, discusses the origins of the controversy and the specifics of her investigation.

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Aitken discusses Collierville Schools

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (April 18): Collierville Schools superintendent John Aitken discusses the challenges and opportunities of setting up a new school system.

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Tennessee Brewery Untapped and other efforts

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (April 11): Tennessee Brewery Untapped partner Michael Tauer and Tommy Pacello of the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team discuss the project and efforts to bring the Tennessee Brewery back to life.

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The legacy and future of the civil rights movement

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (April 4): Beverly Robertson, president of the National Civil Rights Museum, and Daphene McFerren, executive director of the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change at the University of Memphis, discuss the 46th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, as well as the legacy and future of the civil rights movement.

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