Memphis Says No More campaign: Is it effective?

This week on Behind the Headlines (Aug. 28): Both sides of the Memphis Says No More campaign – part of a national movement to end sexual assault and domestic violence – discuss the program’s effectiveness.

The campaign’s coordinators say it can change attitudes about the crimes. A victims’ right advocate and rape survivor, however, questions whether it is a distraction from processing untested rape kits and prosecuting offenders.

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Shelby County leaders discuss $22M property tax surplus, next steps

This week on Behind the Headlines (Aug. 21): Shelby County Trustee David Lenoir, County Commissioner Van Turner and county CAO Harvey Kennedy discuss the $22 million property tax surplus and the possibility of a tax decrease.

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Journalists roundtable: Memphis elections, convention center changes, and more

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (Aug. 14): Host Eric Barnes is joined by a roundtable of journalists to discuss the Memphis mayoral election, proposed Cook Convention Center changes and more.

Bernal Smith II, president/publisher, Tri-State Defender
Jackson Baker, senior editor/political columnist, Memphis Flyer
Bill Dries, senior reporter, The Daily News/The Memphis News

Bartlett school superintendent David Stephens discusses first year, what’s next

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (Aug. 7): Bartlett City Schools superintendent David Stephens discusses the school district’s first year in review and what lies ahead, including why Bartlett won’t be building a new school.

What’s next for the Wolf River Greenway

This week on Behind the Headlines (July 31): A discussion about future plans for the Wolf River Conservancy and Greenway with Bob Wenner, the Wolf River Greenway coordinator, and Charles Flink, senior adviser with Alta Planning + Design.

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