How To: Downloading Custom Lists

Learn how to download custom lists of public records for Memphis and Shelby County. The lists can be used for marketing, research, or a host of other purposes. (

A Look at “Undefeated,” State Takeover of the Failing Schools, and more

This week (March 2), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses six schools in the Memphis area becoming part of the state’s Achievement School District. Plus, Shelby County prepares for Super Tuesday and Commercial Appeal reporter Jason Smith, whose article about the Manassas High School football team inspired the producers of the Oscar-winning documentary “Undefeated”, will join the panel this week as a special guest.

Funding for Public Projects, Arlington School District, and more

This week (Feb. 24), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses City of Arlington’s vote to put municipal schools on the ballot for a May referendum. Plus, the Shelby County Commission gets closer to voting on a final redistricting plan, and the City of Memphis funds improvements to the Pink Palace and Elvis Presley Blvd.

Municipal Schools, Guns in Cars, and more

This week (Feb. 17), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses Bartlett and Collierville’s move to get municipal schools while Shelby County Mayor Mark Lutrell expresses concerns about funding. Plus, the state legislature is close to introducing a bill that would allow Tennesseans to keep guns in their cars while at work, and a law that took effect late last year will release as many as twelve thousand crack felons from prison.

Memphis in The Big East, MPD Audit, and more

This week (Feb. 10), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses The University of Memphis’s announcement that it will become part of the Big East conference in 2013. Plus, the Shelby County Commission takes on the question of whether to hand over school buildings to municipalities, and the Memphis City Council has some concerns over a continuing MPD audit.

Annexation, the Future of Unified Schools, and more

This week (Feb. 3), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses The City of Memphis and the state legislature squaring off over annexation, and Unified School Board Member David Pickler’s announcement that he is not opposed municipal school districts.

BTH: Transferring School Buildings, Wharton’s Plans, and more

This week (Jan. 27), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses State Representative Curry Todd’s (Collierville) introduction of a bill that would transfer county school buildings to municipal districts at no charge. Plus, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton lays out his vision for the city and Mississippi courts delay a decision on the controversial Haley Barbour pardons.

BTH: Web Extra on “Undefeated” and The West Memphis Three

On this week’s Web Extra, the Behind the Headlines panelists talk about the Oscar-nominated documentaries that focus on local subjects.

BTH: Suburban School Studies, County Commission Fights, and more

This week (Jan. 20), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses the reports on suburban schools which conclude that Germantown, Bartlett, and Collierville could get existing school buildings at no cost. Plus, Electrolux awards more contracts to local minority-owned businesses, and the County Commission’s debate over redistricting almost comes to blows.

BTH: Collierville Resists Consolidation, Redistricting’s Impact, and more

This week (Jan. 13), the Behind the Headlines panel discusses the recent Unified School Board meeting and how the redistricting plans affect the districts of Congressman Steve Cohen and State Senator Jim Kyle.