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What’s ahead for Foote Homes’ redevelopment

This week on Behind the Headlines (Oct. 2): A look at Foote Homes’ transformation into the mixed-use South City development and how it will differ from Memphis’ past public housing conversions.

Rosalyn Willis, vice president, McCormack Baron Salazar
Archie Willis, president, Community Capital
Maura Black Sullivan, interim executive director, Memphis Housing Authority

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Journalists roundtable: Memphis elections, Trader Joe’s, and more

This week on Behind the Headlines (Sept. 25): Memphis journalists dive into the city elections, Trader Joe’s news and more.

Christopher Blank, news director, WKNO-FM
Bill Dries, senior reporter, The Daily News
Kyle Veazey, InforMemphis team leader, The Commercial Appeal

Kane, Gower Talk Memphis Convention Center Expansion

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (Sept. 18): Kevin Kane, CEO of the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Leslie Gower, vice president of marketing and communications for the Downtown Memphis Commission, stop by to discuss the Memphis Cook Convention Center’s renovation and expansion.

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Luttell and Turner weigh in on county budget summit, taxes, and more

This week on Behind the Headlines (Sept. 11): Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell and County Commission chairman pro tempore Van Turner talk about a budget summit, taxes and education funding.

Journalists roundtable: Robert Lipscomb’s legal troubles, Urban Child Institute pay, and more

This week on Behind the Headlines (Sept. 4): Toby Sells of The Memphis Flyer and Bill Dries and Eric Barnes of The Daily News discuss Memphis’ top news stories – including the Robert Lipscomb sexual assault investigation, Urban Child Institute pay, Memphis mayoral race and more.

Memphis Says No More campaign: Is it effective?

This week on Behind the Headlines (Aug. 28): Both sides of the Memphis Says No More campaign – part of a national movement to end sexual assault and domestic violence – discuss the program’s effectiveness.

The campaign’s coordinators say it can change attitudes about the crimes. A victims’ right advocate and rape survivor, however, questions whether it is a distraction from processing untested rape kits and prosecuting offenders.

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Shelby County leaders discuss $22M property tax surplus, next steps

This week on Behind the Headlines (Aug. 21): Shelby County Trustee David Lenoir, County Commissioner Van Turner and county CAO Harvey Kennedy discuss the $22 million property tax surplus and the possibility of a tax decrease.

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Journalists roundtable: Memphis elections, convention center changes, and more

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (Aug. 14): Host Eric Barnes is joined by a roundtable of journalists to discuss the Memphis mayoral election, proposed Cook Convention Center changes and more.

Bernal Smith II, president/publisher, Tri-State Defender
Jackson Baker, senior editor/political columnist, Memphis Flyer
Bill Dries, senior reporter, The Daily News/The Memphis News

Bartlett school superintendent David Stephens discusses first year, what’s next

This week on “Behind the Headlines” (Aug. 7): Bartlett City Schools superintendent David Stephens discusses the school district’s first year in review and what lies ahead, including why Bartlett won’t be building a new school.

What’s next for the Wolf River Greenway

This week on Behind the Headlines (July 31): A discussion about future plans for the Wolf River Conservancy and Greenway with Bob Wenner, the Wolf River Greenway coordinator, and Charles Flink, senior adviser with Alta Planning + Design.

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