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A Conversation With Dan Conaway

WKNO producer Pierre Kimsey interviews communications and marketing specialist Dan Conaway, author of The Daily News’ “Memphasis” column, about his long career in Memphis and his new book, “I’m a Memphian.”

A Conversation With Eric Barnes

Eric Barnes, publisher of The Daily News and host of WKNO‘s “Behind the Headlines,” discusses his book “Something Pretty, Something Beautiful” with WKNO producer Pierre Kimsey.

A conversation with Eric Barnes

Pierre Kimsey, producer of WKNO‘s “Behind the Headlines,” talks with Eric Barnes, publisher of The Daily News and host of “Behind the Headlines,” about his recent novel, “Something Pretty, Something Beautiful.”

Newsmakers: Allyson Chick, Tennessee Teacher of the Year

Second- and third-grade teacher Allyson Chick of Memphis City Schools was recently named Tennessee Teacher of the Year by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Eric Barnes, publisher of The Daily News and The Memphis News and host of WKNO’s weekly series “Behind the Headlines,” hosts the half-hour interview with Chick, focusing on her passion for teaching and why she feels she was selected for this honor.

Chick, who has been with MCS since 2001, teaches at Richland Elementary School and is involved in providing input for the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative, an effort to ensure that an effective teacher stands in front of every classroom in Memphis. Tennessee’s Teacher of the Year is also a candidate for the National Teacher of the Year award. If she wins, she and her students will get to participate in a Skype meeting with President Barack Obama.

Newsmakers: An Interview With State Senator Mark Norris

Memphis Daily News publisher Eric Barnes talks with Senator Mark Norris about his career, the Norris-Todd Bill, and public-school education in Shelby County.

Newsmakers: An Interview With County Mayor Mark Luttrell

Eric Barnes, publisher of the Memphis Daily News and host of WKNO’s weekly series Behind the Headlines, will host the half-hour show in which Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell will talk about the challenges he’s faced during his first nine months in office along with some of his solutions. He will also highlight some of his county budget proposals.